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Ghab & Ptolemy
Well, due to several issues at RAI (the broadcaster), the production of Adventure in the Univerphone has been delayed. You have to espect this kind of things when you are setting up the production of a wonderful series.

Delayed, not forgotten. So, let’s hope the best and stay tuned!

Season's Greetings 2011

Here they are, all the Gamos (including cat Ptolemy) gathered for the Season’s Greetings 2011. Happy new 2012!


Even if in a draft version, here is the opening sequence (with signature tune) of the series!

[vimeo w=640]

The NEW TEASER is here!

That’s right, you heard right: the new teaser of the series is ready & online! Check it out!

New Univerphone Characters

Univerphone Characters

Here they are, ladies & gentlemen, in all their glory: the new, polished version of the creatures living in the Univerphone! Left to right: Smilo, the SMS Service manager; Xavah, the young heroine of ArcheoLaird; Brasso, of the MP3 Orchestra; and, behind them, FireGuard the FireWall of the Security Service.

XavahAs the development of Adventure In The Univerphone goes on and on, here comes the blog, ladies & gentlemen. Here you will find news, upcoming events, production log and backstage clips of the work in progress.

Stay tuned!

The Toposodo staff

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